Brand Creation

  • Created the Synchrony (NYSE:SYF) brand as it spun off from GE Capital via IPO in 2014. This included identifying and developing the brand's positioning and identity. 
  • Established and grew/evolved the company's brand architecture.
  • Developed the brand identity for many new B2B and consumer products.

Branding Management

  • Designed, launched and managed a highly used 'Brand Vault', a digital resource  for employees and third parties creating materials and assets in the Synchrony brand. 
  • Created all guidelines and assets for brand identity usage - logos, icons, fonts, icons, etc.
  • Led the creation of Synchrony's proprietary bespoke font suite. 
  • Developed a unique and differentiated voice and associated guidelines.
  • Created messaging architectures to ensure consistent activation of the brand. 

Brand Activation

  • Created the environmental branding for 30+ company locations (domestic and abroad).
  • Developed prototypes for branding all company trade shows. 
  • Led the branding of all company-hosted events, both for employees and clients. 

Brand Governance

  • Created processes to ensure the accurate representation of the Synchrony brand. Included workflows and leadership oversight councils. 
  • Established a "best self" program that raised the quality level of brand impressions while bringing consistency to the branded ecosystem.

Creative Leadership

  • Served as Synchrony's Creative Director, establishing and evolving the company's style. 
  • Led the style and production of Synchrony's Annual Report (2015-2019)
  • Concepted, founded and built a company’s internal graphics group. This department – ultimately reaching 55 people including graphic designers, copywriters, proofreaders and account management – was modeled after stand-alone agencies, with no centralized financial support. Operations were funded by the ‘revenue’ from individual projects from elsewhere in the business (a 'charge-back' model).  

Agency Collaborations

  • Worked closely with many well-known brand agencies (client side), including Ogilvy, Interbrand, Giant Spoon, Prophet, Monigle, Stephens Direct, Digital Kitchen and others.